1. To know how many we are, who we are, what we do, how we make and realize the great strength of the jazz sector in


2. To get to know each other better and to share experience and knowledge. Now we have the opportunity to join in a great family.


3. For this sector to be understood, that of Jazz in Spain, which has diverse needs compared to other music and cultural expressions.


4. To consolidate and take Spanish jazz as far as possible to both national and international level.


5. To have a strong voice in front of the administration that listens to us and attend us. It is time for Jazz in Spain to have its place.


6. To encourage the development of co-production projects, of shows and musical programs.


7. To promote artistic creation and the promotion and contracting of Spanish interpreters, with special attention to young people, as well as the research, edition and dissemination of Spanish musical heritage.


8. To cooperate with other people, entities and public bodies and Private, Spanish or foreign. To keep growing.