Plataforma Jazz España is a non-profit association that brings together festivals, programmers and various profiles of the jazz world throughout Spain. Its purpose is the consolidation of a representative structure of the Jazz sector nationwide. This structure provides representation to other national cultural actors as well as a regular activity aimed at strengthening the sector from different fields of action.


* Represent the interests of its associates, taking into account the defense of Spanish jazz music as a priority.

* Develop actions and training programs in all aspects involved in the development and dissemination of jazz music.

* Promote the development of projects for the co-production of shows and musical programs among the associates.

* Promote artistic creation and the promotion and hiring of Spanish performers, with special attention to young people, as well as research, editing and dissemination of Spanish musical heritage.

* Cooperate with other people, entities and public and private organizations, Spanish or foreign, on issues that are related to the objectives pursued by the platform, promoting exchanges. PJE structure


Offer a network, stable and proactive, that represents jazz festivals in Spain.


Ensure a positive functioning of the jazz sector in Spain that allows it to continue growing abundantly and sustainably.


Love for music: the engine of each of our associates is the love for jazz and the desire to channel it to the population, for their growth, both individually and collectively.

Commitment with Spanish jazz: Commitment to its development, diffusion, with the increase of its audience, with the stability of the projects.

Commitment to entrepreneurship: each festival is a bet, an adventure both organizationally and artistically. We support the value of the proactive and constructive attitude in both managers and artists.

Education: To guarantee the future of music programs such as jazz, which are largely separated from commercial circuits, we are committed to creating new audiences through the approach and education of different audiences.

Teamwork: we believe that together we are stronger than separated. We bet to better defend the needs of the sector working together. Need to

Transparency: All actions must be articulated so that they are understood and managed with clarity and transparency, both at birth and execution.

Gender equality: we start from a transversal commitment to any activity that aims at achieving gender equality.

Cultural Diversity: we facilitate understanding between people from different cultures and social backgrounds.

Download here the statutes of Plataforma Jazz España

Download here the dossier of Plataforma Jazz España