Plataforma Jazz España wants to share our dismay for the crisis that the coronavirus is causing for our society, and from here we express our solidarity with all people, professionals and institutions that are watching anywhere scope of your life.

We want to pay special attention to all professionals in the culture, and our partners, organizations and festivals of jazz, a sector especially sensitive to this crisis, and which in these the times can definitely see their activity.

As an association that represents the interests of organizations and jazz festivals in Spain, we are in contact with INAEM and with Similar associations in our country like FestClásica Association of Classical Music Festivals, OPERA 21 Opera Theater Association, GEMA Associations of Spanish Early Music Groups, National Network of Orchestras, National Theater Network, among others, to inform us of the most up-to-date way possible on how the government plans to channel lost aid to make up for losses in the music sector.

Within the different nature of our associates, we all have similar difficulties at this juncture and we can look for solutions joining forces with the entire sector and being represented in this Union.

Lastly, remember that the General Assembly will remain on date, 25 March at 5:00 p.m., but not in person, as it is run by telematically.

Best regards,

Directive of Plataforma Jazz España



Plataforma Jazz España is born

Plataforma Jazz España is a non-profit association that brings together jazz festivals and programmers from all over Spain. Its purpose is the consolidation of a red activation of festivals nationwide. This network provides representation to other national cultural...

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